Would Drive Up Services help parking around the malls during holiday season?

Target has been expanding its “drive up” services to different states in the America. The service lets customers order form the App and have their items delivered to their cars.

The idea is simple, you click on the app, and someone in the Target store would bring things that you bought to you in your car. Target’s aims to better compete with companies like Walmart and Amazon.

Walmart and Amazon both offer curbside pickup of groceries, through Walmart Grocery Shopping Service, AmazonFresh, and Whole Foods. And they both offer in-store pickups and self-serve pickup experiences with Amazon Lockers and Walmart’s Pickup Towers.


During the holiday seasons, parking is always a headache for malls in the cities. When you are taking your family to a mall, you have to spend so much time on finding a good spot to park. Now with the services from Target, Walmart, and Amazon, there are more choices for the holiday parking.

Drive up services could help the parking around the malls. However, the malls might need to find spaces for temporary parking. In 2012, the Dutch chain Albert Heijn introduced a “Pick Up Point” where one can collect groceries bought online, it could be one of the early versions of the drive up service.

The reason that these supermarkets start the “drive up” services, is to help the customers to get their shopping logistics done easily. At the same time, it helps to solve the parking jams that the customers might have around the malls.

Parksen is happy to see any service that could help to solve parking issues. Our solution itself is here to solve the same issues too. With our app, you could easily pay for parking, and leave the parking lots as soon as possible. Let’s work together for a world that has the least parking issues, and so we could enjoy the holiday shopping more!

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