Will self-driving cars kill parking?

Some people think that self-driving cars will never need to park, parking lots, or garages, but it is not true. According to TechCrunch, the 100 billion markets may be poised to grow in the autonomous ridesharing age.

Although the spotlight is mostly on autonomous vehicles, not on parking, parking in the future is actually getting more technology-driven. Technology companies are working with automakers, transportations network companies and fleet managers make it easy to park in the future.

However, the new parking market in the autonomous age belongs to companies that can innovate. Technology-forward parking garages or refueling stations that will be able to deliver value-added services, such as cashless payment, charging stations, and fleet management to their business models will win the market.

Parking is not going to be dead. Smart parking platforms like Parksen is going to run the show on the main stage. An IBM survey suggests that parking searches take between 13-32 minutes, account for up to 30 percent of traffic and produce harmful emissions. Parksen’s platform aims to reduce both the traffic jams and CO2 pollution.

The value-added services that Parksen can offer, will be well-positioned for the ridesharing and car-sharing fleets of today and the autonomous fleets tomorrow. Join us TODAY for the parking revolution for the FUTURE!


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