When Autonomous Vehicles meet Blockchain, they connect

Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) are changing the way we think about transportation, and organizations want to make it connected. For example, DAV foundation has built a network which can connect the cars, trucks, rovers, drones, and infrastructures.

On this network, organizations want to apply blockchain technology to allow secure interactions on the platform. The system like this would ensure that the larger industry players like Tesla, Uber, or Alphabet do not end up with a virtual monopoly over the growth of the Internet of Transportation.

A decentralized network, or a common, will allow innovators and companies to integrate their solutions into a greater whole, without a large investment. It would encourage experimentation and innovation in emerging sectors, and increase companies making viable contributions to space.

A decentralized network with multiple players developing the best possible solutions. Blockchain technology is vital to this kind of arrangement because it registers and secures the wealth of data when the companies are interacting with each other.

A decentralized network can be used as an administrator to approve transactions, it becomes necessary because vehicles would like to interact with charging stations and other vital infrastructure. With the blockchain communication, smart contracts are signed, and all payments and other transactions happen.

An AV could send a message that it is looking for a charging station, parking space or service station, and the relevant stations nearby would respond back with bids. The vehicle would then proceed to choose the best bid and drive there.

Besides that, insurance companies or arbitrators could provide their services on-demand through smart contracts as well. Blockchain can help the vehicles to gather and diagnose environmental information. It can be used to measure and validate vehicle usage, based on time or mileage, and then adjust lease rates accordingly.

Blockchain can help to connect a lot of business opportunities on the platform, just like Parksen’s smart platform, we look for partners who are also interested in the platform economy for parking. Join us for the parking revolution!

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