When a Big Mac gives you a fine

According to the Sun, a British couple got 60 ponds fine in a free car parking zone, because they stopped outside of a Starbucks but visited the McDonald.

Those two restaurants are located in Southgate, London, and they visited the McDonald after a flight and only stay there for a half hour in a one-hour free stay zone.

They were actually video tapped by CCTV cameras and received fine one month after she visited the parking space.

The couple could not believe they got fine. They said, if this model were carried forward to other retail parks, you would have to park directly in front of the shop you wished to visit and then move your car each time you wanted to go to another shop.

There were no signs in the parking area, indicating you have to park especially for which store.

Parksen has a smart solution that might help in this situation. In the future, customers could find and match parking spaces from the smart app, in real-time, and could reduce chances to be harassed by an incident like this.

Retailers could reserve their free parking by making it clear on our app that they are reserved by their customers only. We would like to make it happen, join us for the parking revolution!

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