What makes smart parking smart for drivers?

Smart parking is a parking solution that can include onsite smart parking devices, such as cameras or counting sensors in the parking spaces. The devices are usually embedded into parking lots or positioned next to them to detect whether parking spaces are free or occupied.

This might happen through real-time data collection. The data is then transmitted to a smart parking mobile application or website and then the users could read the information from the app or website, it could be the parking prices or locations.

So, what makes smart parking smart?

First of all, the real-time parking analytics are informing the drivers, which makes all of us that much smarter. Parking spaces will be intelligent by use of the smart parking sensors on the parking lots. So, the drivers could make decisions and predictions based on the parking sensor data. He or she could find the best place in the city and pay for it at the best price.

Second, smart parking help parking become cleaner, noise-free, pollution free experiences. The IoT devices would help to identify the CO2 level and reduce the emission level. It could help the drivers to reduce the time of burning fuel by offering more parking options.

Third, smart parking could save you a lot of money. Platforms like Parksen charges drivers very low cost because it has a smart solution that helps the government to decrease the cost of buying parking machine or managing parking lots. So, you don’t need to pay a big amount of money to park anymore if you start to use our solution!

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