We have a high success rate once we are listed on exchange

As most of the people know, Parksen is a parking solution company based in Amsterdam. The company is working within an industry that worth over $100 billion a year. It becomes even more unique since it started an ICO and entered the tokenized world.

With a functioning smart app and a pool of customers, Parksen is not just a concept, it’s already working. You see people using it in 113 municipalities around the Netherlands. The company has what it takes to deliver the best Return of Investment in a traditionally volatile market.


The most recent ICO prediction from Coin Predictor suggests that PARQ could move up 44.71% once PARQ is listed on exchanges. It means that our token has a high rate to be successful when we are listed on exchanges. If you check the category of “Infrastructure”, then you can see that Parksen ranks the 5th in the ranking and rising. Indeed, our token economy is established on the long-term industry: infrastructure.

Besides that, we guarantee it by locking the benefits for both the team and the company. This secures the price of Parksen’s tokens. Thus, you do not need to worry that your tokens will suddenly decrease its value.

We also have worked on burning 9 billion tokens out of our pool this year in August. By burning the tokens, we increase the value of those remaining coins, which will ultimately benefit both the company and the token holders.

Parksen takes it seriously when thinking about our strategy toward starting an ICO and issuing the tokens.

We hope you join us, so you could experience our determination to reach the goal of success very soon!

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