We got a high score of 8.6 on ICOs rating!

Evaluating Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) or Token Sales as investment opportunities is a delicate process. There are always several variables that come into play. Parksen proudly announces that recently we got an 8.6 high score from ICO Pulse.

ICO Pulse is one of the most comprehensive ICO-Rating in the world which is regularly updated with new projects and up-to-date information on ICO. Parksen proves to the public again that we run a trust-worthy ICO.

The ICO market environment is changing fast, it could be difficult for you to determine which projects are legitimate, and of the legitimate, which will be successful.

The ICO rating indicates that we are a good company in the following aspects:

1.Team: The team is one of the most important factors in evaluating an ICO. A competent team could not only make the best product or service in the world, but it also makes the ICO process easier to get credibility from the ICO world.

2.White Paper: A white paper is like a public facing business plan for an ICO. It outlines the problem being addressed, the market the company is deploying in, the solution it is providing, an overview of the product/service, a description of their tokens.

3.Token Utility: ICO projects that have built-in systems and incentives to reward holding the token long-term, is critical to the rating as well. Of course, everybody wants to know that the value of the token will increase in the future.

4.Community: The token community has to be strong, and this could be judged by social media/content websites like Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, and Medium. A good ICO community also includes the participation of the founder, as well as hiring advisors.

5.Others: Roadmap, Use Cases, Future Revenue, Public Relationship, and Soft Cap vs. Hard Cap, these are all the elements that an ICO rating system would look into.

Parksen is proud of the high score from ICO Pulse, and we look forward to your input about what we can do to make our ICO better! Welcome to join us on the Telegram, and talk to us!

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