Walmart seeks opportunities to build town centers around its shops

L.B. Johnson, vice president of realty operations at Walmart U.S. spoke recently to a group of real estate developers in Atlanta about the company’s concept to rebuild the space around the stores.

The “Town Center” concept outlined by Walmart allows developing the spaces adjacent to the selected locations. Walmart said that they are early in the planning process, but they’ve identified potential opportunities for the project.

Walmart’s website also unveiled early planning for the Rogers location. There will be outdoor dining and social gathering places, they hope this could change customers’ shopping experiences with Walmart.Walmart serves more than 140 million customers a week in the U.S. stores, the analysts think retail traffic is crucial to the success, but the challenge could be the online shopping is getting stronger and stronger every year.

While Walmart focuses on creating a town-like shopping experience, no matter it will succeed or not, it does show that people want to have a cozy and healthy shopping environment. This includes a nice and automatic parking area.

Parksen would also like to help the communities to build a cozy and healthy parking environment and that is why we have been working so hard for creating this smart platform. We hope to bring the concept to all the big cities in the world and create better smart city lives. Join us for the parking revolution!

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