Visiting the European Parliament for the Intercontinental Blockchain Conference


Welcome to what is hopefully the first of many Parksen road-trip reports! This morning, Eddie Postma (CEO), Fokko van der Bosch (IT Architect) and Wilhelm Roth (Marketing & Communications Manager) drove to Brussels for an especially interesting and important event: the Intercontinental Blockchain Conference.

Hosted by Antanas Guoga, a member of European Parliament, in cooperation with Blockchain Centre Vilnius and diplomatic representations of the European Union, this conference is about blockchain for government, the regulation of cryptocurrencies and synergies of trending technologies (like blockchain, AI and IoT).

So what brings Parksen to this unique event? To explain this, we need not look further than a quote of our host (which can be found on the website of the event as well):

“At the Intercontinental Blockchain Conference we try to understand where we are — which nations are upfront, where we are behind and where can we apply ourselves or regulate progressively for a global growth and embracement of innovations for the benefit of humanity.”

-Antanas Guoga, member of the European Parliament

The future of the Parksen Green, Smart & Connected City Platform, and its ambition to create a global standard for sustainable city development, relies heavily on governmental participation and mainstream understanding, acceptance and adaption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

We are very curious to learn more about the possibilities that are ahead of us, and hopefully we will find answers in Brussels.

More updates on the Conference will follow as the day progresses. Keep an eye out on our Twitter account for real-time status of our boys in Brussels and check back in with us tomorrow for a full report on the findings, the good, the the better and the amazing.

A full report of the Parksen trip to Brussels will be available here tomorrow.

Go Green!

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