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Earlier last month, Parksen has been informed that we have the Dutch government’s stamp of proof for our participation in the 19-Billion-euro project – TEN-T. This development, together with the growing support from our partners, gives Parksen the edge in securing our spot as the parking solution provider along all of Europe’s main corridors, in line of the TEN-T guidelines.

But we still need the help of private investors, so we can match the EU TEN-T deal: for every million that we get from the EU Commission, we need to match the same number of millions ourselves.

So we need you as an investor in our cause and we need all our supporters to spread the word about our awesome project.

You can register for an account here, buy PARQ tokens and easily pay with creditcard, PayPal, bank transfer or pay with Bitcoin or Ethereum HERE.

What is the TEN-T

The TEN-T is the trans-European project that aims to connect all of the EU’s infrastructure corridors. This project aims at unlocking the infrastructure potential of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Transport Programme to the development of the Infrastructure Network Corridor in line with the latest Work Plan of its European Commission goals.

For example the Rhine-Alpine corridor encompasses all modes of transport over a total length of about 6,200 km. Roads accounts for about 1,500 km. The Corridor includes 8 seaports and 22 inland ports, 13 airports, 72 core intermodal terminals and 13 core urban nodes. Efficient and Smart Parking plays a critical role in ensuring the saving of time and reduction of costs.

Where Parksen connects

Full compliance with the TEN-T standards goes through a lengthy procedure. Parksen has passed most of them by securing the support of both the private and public sector, while cooperating with an array of Partners. Manufacturing partners like AME and eCharge and Wirepass. City development partners like Spatium Support and Navigato. Partners from academia such as WSB university. We have the support we need to take such a challenge directly. Secured in the full cooperation of our partners.

Moreover we also gained the support of both the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy as well as the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management for our approach to join the European TEN-T project with our Smart Parking solution. Giving us a major step to advance our role in the project.

More specifically, it allows us at Parksen to contribute to the implementation of Smart Parking on an EU level. Connecting corridors from north to south, east to west. Giving access to all kind of drivers, truck and other professional drivers as well as private once, the access to real-time parking solution that gives a better management of time and reduce costs.

What we need now?

As the TEN-T financial planning demands a matching private investor support. Parksen is looking to increase private investment in the company by € 4 million to € 6 million, and we welcome investors to join us now as we match the amount with the European authorities.

It is a no brainer to see that a long term project such as the TEN-T allow for a seamless connectivity throughout Europe until 2030, as the EU Commission demands. Giving Parksen the ability to secure investor confidence in the long run as well as ensuring our growth as a company along a major EU project. Such action guarantees a healthy growth of the company as well as a sizable ROI to it’s investors.

If you are an investor who is enthusiastic about implementing digitalization, AI and blockchain technologies, this is the time to JOIN.

We are reaching our final deadline, so this is your opportunity to join and shape the future of infrastructure and blockchain. We want YOU to be there!

You can register for an account here, buy PARQ tokens and easily pay with creditcard, PayPal, bank transfer or pay with Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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