The Uber and Lyft question Parksen solves

Just recently, Uber and Lyft both started on the news because of the traffic and parking issues that they created in downtown Plymouth in the USA. It has raised safety concerns as well as cost and future transportation optimization. When the businesses are going well with Uber and Lyft, the downside of it shows.

Moreover, Uber and Lyft drivers can be seen stopped on a street and looking at their GPS to figure out where they are supposed to pick up their customers. This causes traffic jams on the street and might endanger drivers and passengers lives.

Another issue that caused indirectly by the Uber and Lyft services, is that some motorists would use city’s parking decks or surface-level parking spaces, then leave their vehicles overnight by catching an Uber or Lyft ride home.


Parksen’s solution could solve these parking issues for both Uber, Lyft and other competitors. First of all, with our platform solution, we could help to find out parking spaces that are not being used yet, and inform the ride-hailing services businesses to utilize it. So, instead of being stuck in downtown areas, the professional drivers could easily find space to park and have appointments with their clients.

Second, Parksen could also help the motorcyclists to find better parking spaces for themselves. The reason they park their vehicles in the parking spaces overnight is that they don’t want to drive under the influence or tired after a long day. It’s better to do so. On the other hand, drivers have to find parking spaces around the restaurant and bar area. Moreover, local governments have to learn it and provide extended solutions, that we at Parksen help design and solve.

Some of the cities prohibit vehicles in the city parking spaces from 3 to 5 a.m., but if the drivers notify the police department in advance, there is still a possibility to park overnight. What a smart parking app like Parksen could do to solve this issue is to creatively think for the government how to manage the overnight parking.

With the smart app and our backend platform, Parksen will be able to bridge the needs of municipalities with the business owners, Uber, and Lyft drivers as well as all other drivers. This way we make our parking smarter, our cities better and fully connecting all services in a bundle that benefits everyone.

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