The trust questions all ICOs have, and how we are at the top of it

A recent study conducted by ICO advisory firm Statis Group shows that more than 80% of the initial coin offerings (ICOs) were identified as scams. But the same research also says that the same year over 70 percent of ICO funding to-date went higher quality projects. Among them, 4% of ICOs failed, and 3% had disappeared from the market.

This research tells us, if you read news about ICOs, you will probably think they are all scams because there is so much negative news about it in the last year. So, when Parksen started our own ICO pre-sale early in 2018, some people were skeptical and asked us, how can we be sure that you are not a scam? Here are the reasons why.


Our hard work has been reflected on our scores at the top rating sites. The rating sites include ICO bench, ICO Pulse, Track ICO, and ICO marks. The scores change from time to time, but usually, they are around 4 out of a 5 or around 8 out of a 10. As a new start-up, getting such great ratings means that we are trusted by the professionals in the ICO industry. This shows Parksen is a trustable choice to invest in if you are looking for ICO groups to invest it.

You might ask, but why are these industry professionals give Parksen high scores? It’s because Parksen has a proven track record as a start-up. We have a great team who are professionals from the industry. More important of all, Parksen’s proven track stems from a solid working product, the smart parking app. This app was awarded Best Price and Easy to Use App by the Consumer Association in the Netherlands. We also have an existing client base here in the Netherlands and our goal of the global expansion is aligned with the original cause for launching an ICO.


Parksen’s solution is implemented in 113 municipalities in the Netherlands. Since last month, we also had the Dutch government’s stamp of approval for our participation in the 19-billion-euro project: TEN-T. This means that the Dutch government will back us up during the period of applying the EU-level founding.

Moreover, last month we had a meeting with MEP Wim van de Camp, the leading member of the Europe Parliament in the Committee on Transportation and Tourism. He supports and trust us for the application of TEN-T project and other EU based projects. This means that the ICO will already have real-world traction!

Being through the process of due diligence as well as verified by the top industry professionals, Parksen is confident the company is going to give you the best value from our solution platform.

We would like you to join us to shape the transportation industry with us! Buy your PARQ token NOW!

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