The Parking facilities inside of Apple Park

What is Apple Park? Apple Park is the corporate headquarters of Apple Inc., located in Cupertino, California, America. Steve Jobs wanted the whole campus to look less like an office park and more like a nature refuge.

In April 2006, Steve Jobs announced to the city council of Cupertino that Apple had acquired nine contiguous properties to build a second campus. Jony Ive is the chief designer. The total cost of building the Apple Park was estimated to be closer to 5 billion US dollars.

Inside of Apple Park, there is an underground parking lot. It is quite impressive and futuristic. For example, the parking lot is designed using tunnels and LED lights. It is equipped with a complex and well-crafted system of tunnels, turns, and lights. The lights are purple, blue, red or white, and when you drive by it feels like you’re driving inside of a spaceship. Check here. According to Business Insider, most of Apple Park’s parking is underground, underneath the campus, aside from two massive above ground parking garages near the highway. Apple also provides free travel to buses for employees, to reduce cars on the road.

Apple is also making an autonomous vehicle, but it is unclear that if the company is using the autonomous vehicle as part of the parking solution. We will dig more into it in the future.

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