The IoT can facilitates organized parking

Recently, the idea of IoT (Internet of Things) based smart parking system has gained popularity, especially in the concept of smart cities. Because of IoT, there are many interesting things that can be done in developing smart cities. Parking is one of them.

There are consistent efforts made in the field of IoT, in order to maximize the productivity and reliability of urban infrastructure. Issues like limited parking spaces, traffic congestion, and pollution could be addressed by IoT devices.

An IoT based cloud integrated smart parking platform like Parksen is popular nowadays. The platform consists of an on-site deployment of IoT modules that can be used to monitor and signalize the state of availability of each single parking space.

According to a research paper presented in the 2016 International Conference on Internet of Things and Applications by Abhirup Khanna and Rishi Anand, the concept of IoT started with things with identity communication devices. The devices could be tracked, controlled or monitored using remote computers connected through the Internet.

IoT extends the use of the Internet providing the communication, and thus inter-network of the devices and physical objects or “Things”. The communication connects users with services. Parksen’s SaaS solution is like a broker or a liaison, connecting customers with helpful services.

For example, in the article “Ways the IoT is helping Increase Parking Availability in Major U.S. Cities,” it says a Chicago-based company called ParqEx has created a liaison service where users are connecting to do business, specifically to find rent-able parking spots in real-time. This is all made possible because of the IoT devices.

This could be done in many places in the world as well. Parksen has been helping that to happen. Join Parksen for the wave of the IoT/ Smart City revolution!

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