Solving parking problem, could save 4% of the Egypt’s GDP?!

This month, Egypt’s cabinet has announced the second phase of building Egypt’s first smart parking garage—Electronic Roxy parking. The garage is set to be the largest in the middle east region, in terms of the surface area. The total surface area of the project is 40,000 meters square.

You could check out the video here for the garage. The garage will have six automated systems, as well as six entrances and exists.

When parking, the customers put their cars in the elevator, then the machine releases a card. The customers take the car and leave, and the car descends 100% automatically, no human interference during the whole process. The customers will pay by the smart car when they come back.

According to a study by the World Bank in 2013, traffic congestion costs Egypt 8 billion US dollars a year, that is 4% of Egypt’s GDP. The loss is caused by the productivity wasted when citizens spend most of their time held up in traffic rather than at work.

A smart parking system is part of the plan to help the traffic congestion, Electronic Roxy parking comprises four underground levels, with a capacity of 1700 cars. Overall, it has 12 electronic elevators equipped with batteries to lift and transfer cars to storage racks.

According to, smart parking industry is expected to be significantly influenced by the arrival of automated vehicles (AVs). Several cities around the world are already beginning to trail self-parking vehicles, specialized AV parking lots, and robotic parking valets.

The smart parking space in the world is revolutionizing itself, how can you miss the trend that could change our lives hugely? Join us for the parking revolution!

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