Smart transportation in Dubai ‘Smart City’ projects

Dubai government has initiated the Smart Dubai project that contains more than 100 initiatives. The project aims to lead Dubai to be the world smartest city by 2030. The project is going to integrate the private and public sectors, so the citizens could have an access to these sectors through their smartphones.


One of the initiatives that have been launched is Dubai Autonomous Transportation Strategy within the strategy Dubai will only have driverless transits. It has also launched two mobile applications: mPay and DubaiNow that facilitate the payments of services of the citizens. mPay enables citizens to pay for utilities, electricity and water, traffic fines, and Etisalat bills while DubaiNow enables citizens to pay for educational, health, transport and business services.

Besides that, Dubai has established Smart Nol Card; a Municipality has launched an initiative called Digital City in which each building in Dubai city is assigned to unique QR code that contains information about the building, plot, and location.
Since Dubai government put so much effort into the digital construction, the city has beaten the likes of Singapore, London and New York to top the Digital City Index produced by Spanish consultants Bloom Consulting.


Under the Dubai Smart City and Dubai Plan 2021, Dubai government want to transform telecoms, tourism, utilities, education, real estate, public safety, healthcare and transportation. Transportation is a very important part of the whole project, and has the most significant impact on day-to-day lives. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has already worked on a multitude of initiatives that will change the future of transport.

Now, the city hosts advanced transportation, with the driverless Dubai Metro, automated Salik tolls and taxis with Wi-Fi. Driverless transport in particular is set to be common in Dubai by 2020. This would unlock new opportunities for the RTA, including traffic management and personalised services like smart parking and electric vehicle charging stations.

Like Dubai, so many cities in the world today, are trying to transform themselves, particularly in transportation. So, this is the best timing to join the revolution, especially in parking! If you are an IoT and would like to partner with us, don’t hesitate, join us TODAY!

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