Smart mobility from Amsterdam going global

The pressure on mobility in Amsterdam continues to increase in recent years, as a result, the city has been facing a challenge: how to remain accessible and safe, and at the same time, also livable with clean air and sufficient parking spaces?

In Amsterdam, the city council has established the Smart Mobility action program, in collaboration with a number of knowledge partners in the city.

The Project Manager Smart Mobility at Rijkswaterstaat Ronald Adams recently visited China to explore possibilities for working together for the smart mobility projects of Rijkswaterstaat. Ronald is in charge of the successful “Amsterdam Practical Trial,” in which it tests intelligent solutions for traffic congestion.

The project of Amsterdam Practical Trail launched over 10 years ago, it started with research papers, theories, and policy notes, aiming to put into practice. But they also realize that smart mobility is not something that can be achieved by the public sector, the private sector has to join as well, and the in-car technology to let people use their smartphone apps & navigation system or their social media to avoid the traffic are what they are looking for.

This is why Ronald visited China. He was there to explore the opportunities for international cooperation for smart mobility solutions. Parksen has the same dream about parking. We actually went to China and deployed there. We have a strategy to enter the market by understanding what locals need.

Check us out and join us for the parking revolution! Help us to expand in China since it is the future of transportation!

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