Smart Mobility Accelerator Program for PARQ

We got some great news!

After lots of hard work and many talks with the Dutch government we got accepted for the Smart Mobility Accelerator Program GO!NH from the Dutch government.

This accelerator program will help our company to accelerate, grow and scale-up.

When we finalize the accelerator program we will also get funding, and we’ll get additional support from the government to get our products launched across the EU.

Just as all the rest of the applicants for the accelerator program we had to go through an acceptance bootcamp week to get our official ticket to join the program.

We finished our first introduction bootcamp week, where we learned how to make our value proposition even better than we had before. A business value proposition is arguably the most important element of a company’s overall marketing messaging.

At the end of the first bootcamp week we had to present our solution to the jury members Elisabeth Post (Dutch state representative of the Province of North-Holland), Servaz van Berkum (Program manager Mobility and Technology of Pakhuis de Zwijger and Dutch Province of North-Holland) and Herman Wagter (CEO BigMile and representative of Connekt).

After our pitch we got two awesome prices: the acceptance of our company to the accelerator program and an area in the centre of Amsterdam that we can use to develop, test and improve our products for.

We are very happy that we got accepted for the accelerator program, but we still need your help!

You can help us by funding our ICO and we need your support and suggestions to improve our products and services.

Help PARQ and Parksen to get you fast and easy to an available parking spot near your destination and at the same time help cities to improve their parking infrastructures.

Our Parksen video from GO!NH accelerator program.
Note: It’s in Dutch, but we added English subtitles. So turn on captions/subtitles to view with English subtitles!

The promotion video from GO!NH about Smart Mobility

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Smart Mobility Accelerator Program for PARQ
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