Saving the environment without getting political

Last year, President Trump from the United States has pulled out of the Paris climate accord. The critics said that it is actually good for the environment, since the truth is the Paris accord is all words, yet little action.

Whenever talking about environmental issues, it becomes political all the time. According to CNBC, the green movement in the U.S. and around the world has been off the tracks for decades mostly because of its faulty belief in globalist politics and big government as the solution to environmental challenges. So, big government and centrally-planned schemes like the Paris deal are the problems.

Parksen is taking a very different approach toward environmental issues. We have established a Green, Smart & Connected Parking Platform, that could help the government to solve environmental issues in a decentralized way.

We help the government to figure out how to manage their parking issues in the cities. For example, from our real-time data, they could see how many parking spaces are used at the moment, and how many spaces are left, so they know how to better use the spaces.

We help the government to understand the traffic jams around the cities, so they could use the data to do road traffic control, by monitoring the traffic flows and providing advice concerning traffic congestion.

We also help the government to learn the CO2 emission level, by setting up IoT devices around the parking spaces. Cities could learn how much CO2 emission cars have around the neighborhood, and better control it.

However, maybe our most decentralizing actions is by allowing the users to contribute to the solution that saves them time, money and helping the environment just by using our services. If you know that you save an average of 60 hours a year from your parking search, by using Parksen it helps reduce the amount of fuel you use. Dramatically impacting, by human behavior, on the issues that kept the previews initiatives so unproductive.

So, if you want to save the environment without getting political? Join us!

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