Robert parking increases the quality of parking services

Robotic parking is not a dream anymore. Actually, the service has been delivered to numerous public users this year at Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport in France in 2018. The company who made the robotic parking machine is Stanley Robotics.

The robotic system will collect the cars right after they drop off their cars at the dedicated terminal. Then the robot would clamp the wheels before lifting the vehicle into a secure parking spot. Then it would log the travel arrangements of the owner of the car and can ensure the vehicle is ready when they come back.

Moreover, the service is 100% electric, ensuring emission-free parking. Feedback from the users shows that they value the service because they don’t need to spend time searching for a parking space. Also, it ensures that their cars are safe when they are away for vacations.

For the airport, robotic parking can help to park cars very close to each other without the risk to damage them. The company (Stanley Robotics) said that the robotic valet parking service will be launched in the UK by mid-2019. They have made it intuitive for customers, so they can ask robots to park for them easily.

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