Research: Parking fees in Amsterdam increase drastically, so the rest of the world!

According to a Dutch government’s website and the Dutch media source, next year in April Amsterdam municipality will be increasing parking fees all over Amsterdam, and of course, especially in the inner city. This is because the municipality hopes to discourage visitors from bringing cars to the city centers and use the fees to improve livability in the city.

Parking in the city of Amsterdam currently costs around 5 euros per hour. Next year in April, it will be 7.5 euros per hour, this is 50% more expensive! according to the local media, the new parking fees should result in around 33 million euros of extra income for the government.

Amsterdam is not the only city in the world, that has high parking fees. Check this article, you will see big European cities like Madrid, London, and Oslo, all have higher parking fees comparing to Amsterdam. In America as well, check this article, it shows charging big fees for parking in the big cities is a trend all over the world, and Parksen would like to change that situation.

Parksen has a platform that could help city governments to get rid of expensive parking machines and change to cloud-based SaaS model. The governments could save a lot of money on infrastructures so they could focus more on how to provide better real-time, data-based services to the drivers.

Most important of all, because they save money on infrastructures, they could offer cheaper parking for drivers in Amsterdam and still make good money. Join us and let your city government know!

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