Putting socializing in parking

Have you ever felt tired and bored while you were waiting in line for a parking space? Parking is such a dread for so many of us! Especially after a long working day.

However, some companies are looking at a smarter approach to make parking more interesting to their users. So, if the user arrives in the parking lot at a certain time, they could get extra points. If they carpool, then they will win double points.


Gamification can not only be used in the management of traffic for companies, but it can also be used for sustainability. Sustainability is an important element in the smart city. Usually costly policies and solutions introduced by cities are liable to fail, if not com

bining with initiatives that aim at their behavior change. Therefore, gamification could be used to incentivize behavior changes.

Take an Italian city—Rovereto for example, the city is small compared to other European municipalities, and the traffic pressure is pretty high over there. The city invested in considerable effort and resources in improving the mobility situation. But after they integrate gamification incentives into city projects, people then start to drive less and park less in the inner city, by exploring other alternatives to go to work.


For Parksen, we are looking forward to work with municipalities that would like to put socializing in their parking policies. This has been done by San Francisco, they use gamification in two of their transportation programs (Transportation Demand Management points system), and it works well: Points can be earned by subsidizing transit or bike-share; improving walking conditions; providing car share membership etc., and it is very different from the traditional voluntary measures, often in conjunction with employers.

Parksen believes that in the future, all the municipalities are going to be using certain kind of gamification in their practices when they manage to park. This would greatly help to change people’s behaviors in an agile and efficient way. In order to help municipalities to reach that stage, Parksen’s platform is ready to roll! Join us to make it happen!

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