PARQ Hodlers Will Receive An Additional 3.75% From Our Token Distribution

At Parksen we believe trust should be rewarded. That is why we’re dedicating a 3.75% of (PARQ) token distribution for our Hodlers: All those who show their support and belief by buying their tokens during our ICO and keeping them, will receive a directly proportional percentage of our token distribution.

Parksen is not here for the quick buck. This is why our ICO is one year long. We know trust is a two way street, and owning a product that delivers is key to develop this trust. For the same, reason, we allocated a 3.75% of our token distribution (with a total of 37.5M PARQ tokens) for all those who embrace Parksen’s project and vision.

So how will this work?

12.500.000 PARQ tokens (worth 1.250.000 USD) will be distributed to all those PARQ holders who bought their tokens during the ICO and did not sell them for 6 months. This distribution will be done proportionally to the amount of tokens you hold (as an example, if you hold a 5% of all sold tokens during our ICO, you will receive a 5% of this amount (worth 62.500 USD in PARQ tokens).

The same procedure will be repeated two more times every 6 months following the conclusion of the ICO. 12.500.000 PARQ tokens will be distributed after 12 months, and another 12.500.000 PARQ tokens will follow after 18 months. So, following the previous example, if you hold a 5% of the sold tokens for one year and a half, you will get 187.500 USD in PARQ tokens. Not bad, huh?

We know the market. We’re well aware speculation is a part of what keeps some ICOs moving, but we do believe we’re dealing with something different here. We pursue a long term project that will keep delivering, not only to PARQ holders but to all those dreaming of a greener, smarter and more connected world.

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