Parksen’s strategy toward entering the Chinese Market

Parksen’s international strategy toward the Chinese Market is an ambitious one, we would like to first expand in the south part of China, from cities like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hainan Island, Hong Kong and Macau, to the north part of China like Beijing, Shanghai, and Hangzhou. Eventually, we will go west, as we prove ourselves to both the government and people. Hopefully joining as the parking provider to the “one silk one belt” area, so that our solution will expand all over China.


In order to reach this stage, we have to start from somewhere small. We are very proud to be able to work with a Xiaman government run company called Road & Bridge Information Co. Ltd, from the experiences working with the company, we get to understand the local scene for our solution. We learn that the expense of the equipment that Chinese government use to control the parking is still high, and the equipment is too sensitive in cases of natural disasters. Thus, Parksen has the ambition toward creating a smart system that could help the local governments to handle high pressures from daily traffic congestions, air pollutions or seasonal disasters.

What we want as a company is to be able to serve the Chinese market in local, regional and national levels. In each different level, we would go to the local scenes, and inspect from the grounds up. But we will also prove our solutions will work well in China, from a smaller scale in Xiamen. We would like to show that we have the capacity to answer the needs for the local government.

Besides that, we want to start the conversation from an official WeChat account. From there, we could reach to the stakeholders in China, such as investors, blockchain enthusiasts, and App users. We want to invite them to join us, to build the new cutting-edge parking solutions in China.


The Chinese market has huge potential for businesses, especially in blockchain—Smart Parking sector. Parksen is one of the leading companies in this field, that would like to enter China. There is a lot that Parksen could offer to the parking solutions in China.

However, Parksen will not enter as a foreign company, but with a local company. We aim to open a local Chinese company that both government and users can better relate to. “We aspire our Chinese company to provide a solution by the Chinese, for the Chinese”, Parksen’s CEO Eddie Postma explained. Meaning that from the engineer implementing our solution to the board members at our HQ in China, will be Chinese members.

However, if you want to enter a different country, there must be learning curves of the cultural barriers. Parksen is not a company that just want to be a foreign company, it would like to go local in the Chinese market. As a result, the company is doing a lot of research on our competitors in China as well, we would like to see what their solutions are, and we would like to share with them about our blockchain solution for parking, either in the technology aspect or in the marketing aspect.

Parksen’s strategy toward Chinese Market is based on trust and mutual understanding. The company strives to build long-term solutions for the parking issues in China, and by digging into the in-depth understanding of the user behaviours over there, Parksen hopes to integrate into this potential market soon.

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