Parksen Roadmap


Q1 2016     Development of the Parksen Cloud and Parking App

The parking app was developed and connected to 113 cities in the Netherlands, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague.

Q2 2016     Beta Testing of Parksen Cloud and Parking App

We tested the app with thousands of end-users and municipalities across the Netherlands.

Q3 2016     First Round of Private Funding from Dutch Government & Investors

We received funding to develop a nationwide platform with support from both angel investors and the local governments.

Q1 2017     Alpha Launch of Parksen Cloud and Parking App in the Netherlands

Parksen app became available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store for end-users in the Netherlands.

Q1 2017     Started Research for Green, Smart & Connected City Platform

Given immediate success, we started conceptualizing the Green, Smart & Connected City Platform and dove into Market Research for global expansion. Idea for ICO took form and the company started preparation.

Q2 2017     Hired Additional Team Members Towards ICO

Localized and recruited specialists to aid and assist us with ICO preparation.

Q1 2018     ICO Prep, Website, Smart Contract and Whitepaper Development

With a complete team, we continued our ICO preparation, drafted our first official whitepaper and built the ICO website. We have also started the development of the first few Smart Contracts for parking prices and actions.

Q2 2018     Start of the Pre-Sale and Public Sale

Interested parties are able to participate in our Pre- and Public ICO Sale.

Q4 2018     Setting Up Offices and Expanding Teams for Global Expansion

Targeting the USA, UK, Europe, and Asia for our first round of Global Expansion, locating new offices, expanding our teams and conducting further market research.

Q4 2018     Start Development of IoT Devices for Smart Parking Solutions

Collaborating with third parties and partners towards the creation of innovative IoT devices, which will be integrated in participating cities and connected to our platform.

2019           Start Development of Beta Parksen City Platform

Creation of (micro)APIs and integrating them with Parksen Cloud for easy implementation in our Selected Test Cities, localizing app and services in 5+ different languages. Mapping of parking zones, environmental issues and outdated systems.

2019           Launch Beta of Parksen City Platform

Selected Test Cities get full access to the Beta of our Green, Smart & Connected City Platform. Extensive testing will follow thanks to close cooperation with local municipalities and end-users. Collecting data, identifying areas of improvement and gathering community feedback.

2020           Final Product Launch in Selected Cities

Rolling out the end-product in all of the selected Test Cities after improvements. Continuing to gather data and feedback from the communities and municipalities to ensure a healthy growth of our Platform and Ecosystem.

2020           Global Release of Green, Smart & Connected City Platform

After extensive testing, our Platform and app will be rolled out globally and be made available to all participating cities and their citizens. During this stage we will continue to work on the platform based on feedback from different markets. We will rely heavily on community input to make sure that our product works the way that it should.

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