PARQ Podcast 1: Welcome to Parksen, Token Economics and more

Ladies and gentlemen, we are very excited to present our very first Parksen Podcast! Hosted by our very own Wilhelm Roth and Marc Garcia Abellán, this new show is meant to answer all of your burning questions regarding the Parksen Parking app and our Green, Smart and Connected City Platform. We welcome anyone to send their own questions to, and maybe we’ll handle yours in the nearby future!

On today’s episode we are giving you an introduction to Parksen as a company. What drives us, what do we hope to achieve and what will we do to reach our goals? Have you always been curious as to why we chose to run a year-long ICO? Or why we chose to create 10 billion tokens? Sit back, relax and let Wilhelm and Marc answer all your questions and more.

0:00 — #HappyFriday

1:47 — What is Parksen?

4:20 — Global issues

6:20 — Fixing infrastructures

13:02 — Questions by PARQers

Thank you for listening. Don’t forget to send in your questions to and maybe your answer will be waiting for you in the next episode!

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