Parksen is going to offer service for private parking space owners soon!

Have you ever thought about renting your own parking space out? It’s going to be possible with Parksen very soon.

“This would give the parking space owners chances to rent their space out, while they are not using it,” Parksen’s CEO Eddie Postma said. He is the owner of the idea.


You might just call it “the Airbnb of parking”, the idea is very similar to Airbnb, which allows people to rent their empty rooms out when they are not in use of the apartments.

If you are not using your parking spaces, why not just share it with others who need it? It would bring you passive income that you dream of, at the same time, help people who need parking spaces.

For example, if you rent the parking out for an hourly fee of 2 euros, and you rent the parking space out when you are not at home (around 8 hours), it will bring you 16 euros a day, and 90 euros/week extra money for your income. In a year, you have 90×52=4680 euros for just renting your parking space out, and 2 euros is just a lower standard rate for parking.


Thanks to the popularity of the shared economy, consumers have become more comfortable with the idea of connecting with strangers to rent their belongings, from homes to cars, and now parking as well. For private parking space owners who live in big cities, or near an airport or train station, your parking spaces will be in huge demand.

Parksen will soon have a page for private parking space owners to list their spaces and rent them out. We would like to invite you to the community, let’s build a strong and trusting community together and make a profit from your unused parking space!

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