Parksen CEO take center stage at the Smart City Experience Conference

On October 18th EIP Smart Cities & Communities, Startupbootcamp, EIT Climate-KIC and the City of Amsterdam has hosted a special conference event—Smart City Experience. Our CEO Eddie Postma has participated as one of the expert speakers at the Greener and Healthier Cities round table.

Parksen CEO leads round table with smart parking solutions.

In the conference, Eddie has spoken to people in the Smart City industry, and exchanged ideas. In the panel discussion, many people have shown interest in Parksen’s product. They ask a lot of questions about it, particularly how Parksen offers a platform that would connect government with a sustainable approach of parking.


Parksen founder, Eddie Postma, believes that Smart City development is often time hindered by uncoordinated approaches and lack of proper funding. Even the most willing policy makers and city officials run into these recurring roadblocks, as a result, it is Parksen’s mission to create solutions that would last for long for the cities.

But since it is difficult to satisfy different cities’ needs, Parksen have already taken several trips to explore the political and economical landscape of more and more cities. From cities in China, to the European Parliament, proper research into the desires of these metropolises to improve the parking issues and be sustainable over there is one of our top priorities.


Besides several key persons in the government, Eddie also met several potential partners from corporate, consultancies, to start-ups. For example, TomTom’s Strategic Business Development Manger Stephanie Leonard, has delivered a keynote reemphasized how start-ups are an important element of the Smart City ecosystem. He and Eddie has discussed about the possibility to work together to make the cities better and smarter.

This year the Smart City Experience is also showcasing top 9 IoT companies from Startupbootcamp Smart City & IoT program, they are all very innovative start-ups. They aim at solving issues for smart cities. As Parksen is applying for the EU-level grant, we are very pleased to know that we have already had several IoT companies supporting us. They are: (list). With these innovative companies backing us up. Parksen is confident that we will contribute A LOT to the smart city ecosystem.

“Parking must not be ignored, but solved, we here at Parksen do it in 113 cities, now we know we can do it worldwide” – Eddie Postma- Parksen CEO

Haven’t joined us so far? Don’t miss the opportunity to shape how your city works!


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