Parking meters is going to be history

According to Otago Daily Times, the local council in Oamaru has approved a new payment system for parking meters. The mobile phone app allows people to park in the business district to pay for parking.

It said that the town has 47 parking machines that accept cash, text, or a credit card. They expect those machines would be there until 2030. Mobile app services would give the residents another option to pay for parking.

Maintaining the functionality of the parking machines has been costly for governments. Governments all over the world have been thinking about how to save budget on it and make the process of getting the parking fees easier.

A smart parking app definitely would help the governments to save money. Parksen has been successfully implementing our app into the 113 municipalities all over the Netherlands. We help the governments to collect the parking fee by our app.

They could save a lot of money on machines as well as the administrative cost on the process of collecting the fees. Moreover, because of blockchain and smart contract, the governments could have transparent deals with their clients.

Do you think in your country, the governments need these kinds of apps to help for their parking systems? Please write to us and let us know! Join the parking revolution by helping your governments first!

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