Parking is more dangerous than you think

Parking in a garage or a parking lot is much riskier than everyone thinks. I had the experience of driving into a business center in Amsterdam, the parking lot for the business center was full of cars, so I could not get it. And it almost gave me a heart attack since I had a very important interview with a potential employer 15 minutes later!


Parking is definitely more dangerous than you think, especially when you have to go through the whole process of checking, finding a good spot, paying, finding the exits out, and coming back and checking out. It is really painful to go through the whole process with a right schedule in mind.

If you are driving to pick up your kids from a school or pick up your elderly parents from their friends’ house, you would also find it difficult to find a place that could park temporarily. When it happens, your blood pressure would shoot up and the next thing would be booking a session with your psychological therapist for stress reduction.


Another thing that might cause you stress is the design or lack of design on the parking payment machines. Most of the machines are designed by engineers that do not care that much about human factors. The user interface of these machines is always counter-intuitive, and it takes a long time to figure out how to use it. The paying structure of these ticket machines is designed to lead to overpayment.

Parking is not an easy task as you might think. It could make a nightmare out of a great day. Maybe you will just find it tiring after a long and tedious process of entering or getting out of the parking spaces. So, we all need a slimmer solution for parking, and Parksen knows it very well how to bring in the solutions to solve those day to day headaches on parking. Join the newest trend in smart parking with us!

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