Park your money away in the holidays!?

Research from the Netherlands has demonstrated that higher prices for retail parking increase shopper turnover, which can lead to higher retail sales.

The study shows that of the 80 urban shopping centers found that higher parking rates led to higher parking-space turnover and therefore higher retail potential – except in outer areas where car access is a determining factor.

It shows that shops might just overestimate how many customers buy cars. It is actually a common perception by most of the retailers. They also overestimate how much car customers spend. The conclusion of this result is, a mix of stores and general atmosphere are more important than parking and accessibility.

In our opinion, it’s actually smarter to provide smart parking solutions toward your customers, than giving them free parking. You could give your customers the Parksen’s solution, so they would learn the most updated information for parking, and also the discounts for your stores in the future.

The customers would love to pay for parking at the same time get more services from the parking app. They would think you are considerate store owners because you provide them with more values while they are shopping.

Remember, the car owners do not care about if you help them to decrease the cost of parking, they care more about the values you provide. Partnership with companies like Parksen, would help you to deal with a parking headache for your customers.

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