Meet Parksen’s Advisory Board — Episode 4: Jason Hung

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the fourth episode of our brand-new series about our advisors. Over the coming weeks, we will introduce the members of the Parksen Advisory Board. By highlighting their experiences, accolades and achievements, we aim to illustrate in which ways they can contribute to the success of the Parksen Green, Smart and Connected City Platform.

Introducing today’s advisor: Jason Hung

Jason is a veteran entrepreneur who has lent his ears and offered advice to over 35 different ICOs. This has earned him the reputation of being one of the most respected advisors in the industry. He has invested in blockchain ecosystems, AI, digital marketing and mobile business. As a co-founder of several companies, Jason also has over 20 years of experience managing RD, IT, Sales and Consultancy Services.

As you can see, Jason’s experience speaks for itself. We were ecstatic to be invited to a special investors meetup in Xiamen, China, earlier this month, where Parksen CEO Eddie Parksen presented our Green, Smart and Connected City Platform to a party of interested individuals. From there, we were put in contact with the Xiamen Road & Bridge Information Company who told us a lot about desired innovations in the industry.

What is his role within Parksen?

Originally, we merely expected Jason to function as an advisor thanks to his extensive experience within the ICO industry. However, after our most recent visit to China, we now envision a more long-term role for him. Parksen’s ambitions for global expansion require us to have a foothold in certain countries. We hope that Jason can play a critical part as Parksen tries to enter the Asian-Pacific markets, starting with China.

Thanks to Jason, we were able to speak with the right people during our short trip to China. In only a few days, we spoke with investors, IT companies and governmental officials about rolling out the Parksen platform to the Republic of China. In the future, Jason will remain our first point of contact in China, and he’ll continue to get us in touch with the right people.

What does he think of Parksen?

Jason mentioned to us during one of the first visits that he once had a dream of creating an innovative parking application, recognizing the need for new systems that benefit the earth and her inhabitants. Sharing similar ambitions, there is a very strong and natural connection between Parksen and Jason, which is something that drew him in.

We are very glad to have Jason in our corner and we are excited to see what we can achieve by working together. That’s it for today! Thanks for reading and stay posted for the next advisor.


Jan Heemskerk
Content Manager at Parksen

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