Let’s join the cash-less society and start a parking revolution together!

A cashless society is a society that does not use cash anymore. A lot of people are talking about it now, since some countries such as Sweden has been moving away from using cash, and the value of cash in circulation has dropped to 1% of Swedish GDP.

In the Netherlands, the Dutch are continuing to use less and less cash when buying goods and services in the Netherlands. According to Association Betaalvereniging Netherlands, in total 41.4% of payments 2017 were made in cash, down from 45% a year earlier.

Cash is gone from shops and on trains and buses too. Amsterdam’s public transport system has been cash-free since early 2018.

Can parking be cash-less in the cities as well? We really hope so!

Parksen has a token system that could help you to pay with your mobile. Just one click, you could pay by PARQ wallet, you could use bank transfer, credit cards or Paypal, Bitcoin, or our token. Let’s join the cashless society and start a parking revolution together!

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