Let blockchain take us to the global scene!

According to Forbe’s latest article “The Future of Blockchain and its Potential Impact on Our World”, within 5 years, blockchain will have a number of working applications serving real users.

In the article, Internet Entrepreneur Joel Comm says, hundreds of millions of dollars have already been invested by some of the world’s biggest companies on the future of the blockchain.


For example, JPMorgan has a blockchain program. Barclays’ Accelerator has provided space and funding for a number of blockchain-based fintech companies. IBM is trying to build a tracking tool for shipping companies and retail chains. Eastman Kodak is experimenting with the blockchain to create repositories for stock images. Spotify wants to use blockchain to manage copyrights.

Investors invest in blockchain projects as well. Companies like Google, Visa, Deloitte, Peter Thiel, Sequoia Capital, and Andreessen Horowitz are hiring experts to put millions of dollars into decentralized ledger.


Blockchain is definitely a fantastic tech that many people would like to follow and see succeed. However, when it comes to a more realist scene, people would always have question about it. For example, people wonder if it is necessary to put blockchain in a smart parking solution. Blockchain could replace escrow services, such as solving the issues that the governments might have managing their parking spaces, but would it be cheaper, more secure, or easier to use than the traditional methods?

The answer is yes. Parksen is offering a product that is cheaper, more secure, and easier to use. The company has already implemented the product all over the Netherlands, and is ready to go global with it. So, blockchain solution with us is not just a concept, it’s not just something you could read on a paper, it’s a working product that you could actually implement in your hometown. Interested in knowing us more? Welcome to discuss it more with us here.

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