Let a mathematician tell you how to find parking during crowded Thanksgiving!

It’s Thanksgiving holiday season again! As usual, it’s not an easy task to find a parking space during the holidays.

As you can see in a research from the technology firm INRIX, the chart for the 10 malls with the worst holiday traffic has shown that in the busiest malls around America. It might take you at most 133% more time to travel during the holidays around the malls because you need to circle around the parking lots to find the one spot that you need.

Mathematician Joe Pagano offers a formula for finding a parking spot during crowded mall parking time. He suggests finding an aisle close to the mall entrance with at least 20 spaces, then stops and wait. You will soon find a spot to park.

The reason is that, in average, shoppers would spend 120 minutes in the mall, so 120 minutes divided by 20 spaces equals six minutes, and this would be the maximum you would wait using this method.

During the holiday season, you might not want to circle around a lot, as a result, using a smart app like Parksen to park, is also going to be helpful. Register on our website, let our app guard you through the holiday crowdedness!

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