Interview with our Head of Marketing Manager—Wilhelm Roth

Wilhelm Roth is the Head of Marketing and Business Development at Parksen, he used to work for a strategic consultancy specialized in European policy shaping and campaigning. Since he joined Parksen early this year, he has been working closely with Parksen’s CEO Eddie Postma to reach partnership creation targets.

Wilhelm is a person full of energy, he likes to engage with people and he’s always curious about how people interact with each other. He enjoys understanding the psyche and how client/investor/partner interactions work of Parksen’s investors and people who read and follow Parksen on social media.

“My work in marketing and business development is one of the passions of my life. I love people and I love communicating with people, learning and understanding people from different cultures and how to work with them,” Wilhelm said.

Background working with high-tech giant Microsoft

Wilhelm once worked for Microsoft in the development and production of marketing collateral and approach, at that time, he had to work with small companies that are vendors for Microsoft. Because of that experience, he learned how to work with professionals with tactics and strategy.

He likes to work for technology companies since you could always see the results and take pride in it. “People don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk in tech, so you physically see the changes. Like in Parksen, I used the App for the holiday parking with my girlfriend, so you could actually see it physically happening and review how it changes your life, that excites me!”

Entrepreneurial spirit leads the way for the start-up life

Wilhelm used to be an entrepreneur for almost 5 years, as a result, he has a huge drive to push things to happen. Although there are down times, especially when you are working with a small start-up or a one-person firm, you get rejected from time to time.
Wilhelm is inspired by the world-famous entrepreneur and businessman Richard Branson, the founder, and chairman of The Virgin Group. Richard Branson once said, “Do not be embarrassed by our failures, learn from them and start again.”

It is what Wilhelm believes too, “you just need to keep on pushing, keep on driving, even if you get rejections again and again. At one point you can break through the crowd and have your voice heard through hard work.” He believes that the experience as an entrepreneur enriched his life greatly and that all comes from “the flame in the core”.

Wilhelm is a person with an endless drive to lead a marketing team in an entrepreneurial environment. He does see the potential of Parksen, and would like to lead the flame and gain new investors and partners to join us.
He believes that Parksen will be developing and expanding globally and would like to invite you to join too!

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