Igniting the 4th Industrial Revolution


Yesterday, some of the Parksen crew, led by our CEO Eddie Postma, visited the European Parliament in Brussels for the Intercontinental Blockchain Conference. There, among many ICO organizers and members of the European Parliament, they spent the day listening and talking about Europe’s ambitions to become the front-runner of what has been dubbed the 4th Industrial Revolution.

According to our man on the ground, Marketing & Communications Manager Wilhelm Roth, the turnout existed mostly out of organizations and companies that deal in securities, rather than utilities. Not entirely surprising, seeing as how most of the convention revolved around regulations, and how we, as a European Union, should deal with this going forward.

Limiting Regulations

Taavi Rõivas, former Estonian Prime Minister and current member of the Estonian parliament, is of opinion that regulations should be limited, because Europe has an unique opportunity to properly stimulate the 4th Industrial Revolution by allowing digitization to take place moderately unhindered.

This sentiment of Mr Rõivas was echoed by Raymond Knops, the Dutch State Secretary for Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations. Mr Knops said he felt inspired by regulations in countries like Estonia, Lithuania and Malta, stating that the Dutch government currently believes that future regulations should still give companies enough freedom to integrate Blockchain technology into daily life.

After a brief conversation with our IT Architect, Fokko van den Bosch, Mr Knops added that the Dutch government highly encourages Parksen to position itself among the pioneers who will lead the 4th Industrial Revolution by offering sustainable Blockchain driven solutions to the general population.

ECB Blockchain Research Lab

So if governments are open to the rise of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, who or what are standing in the way? Financial institutions in many nations welcome the idea of making such developments available to regular people in daily life situations. Unfortunately, the same can not be said for most local banks.

Banks are throwing up resistance as much as they can, this is no secret, but what was interesting to us was hearing that the European Central Bank (ECB) is said to have their own Blockchain technology research laboratory. At least according to Mr Dirk Bullman, who is an adviser to the ECB Director General Market Infrastructure and Payments.

General Takeaways

When asked about the convention after it had concluded, our Marketing & Communications Manager Wilhelm had the following to say: “I was pleasantly surprised about the European ambitions to not over-regulate these revolutionary technologies. I had thought to see much more resistance and certainly did not expect this level of support from members of the European Parliament.”

Members of the European Union, with countries like Estonia and Lithuania leading the way, seem to truly want mainstream integration of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in every-day life. It is a sign that we have been seeing ever since we started developing the Parksen Green, Smart & Connected City Platform — which happens to rely a lot on global adoption of these technologies.

We heard many opinions voiced which we support ourselves, it was encouraging and inspiring to hear Mr Rõivas and all of the others speak. It gave us the impression that we are on the right track, and, more importantly, a part of something so much bigger than we can imagine at this point in time.

Parksen will be following the political developments eagerly and closely while we continue to work on the creation of a sustainable city development platform that runs entirely on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Stay Informed

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We are extremely excited to be a part of the 4th Industrial Revolution, will you join us?

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