How does Parksen work with European Municipalities?

As many of you might know, Parksen has already been implemented in 113 municipalities in the Netherlands, but probably nobody knows exactly how we work with the Dutch government.

Municipalities play an important role in the Netherlands, many of the cities in the municipalities suffer from a lack of parking spaces. In big cities like Amsterdam, you could find parking spaces on the outer rings, but not that much in the city center. That experience is common in most big cities around the world. Combining that with the parking rate we see a crisis for both cities and residents.


Parksen has learned the parking problems that municipalities would like to solve. As a result, it created a universal solution that fits all cities. Other competitors have very segmented solutions for different municipalities. As a result, they have to deal with different issues coming up for different cities. That means the companies might have to spend more on hiring more engineers to solve issues on different platforms in each municipality. A case we see now in big parking providers.

Parksen’s solution is cloud based, and it is universal for all municipalities. That means Parksen could fix all the problems from one point, and the cost of fixing these problems is lower. Also, because all of the systems are compatible in different cities, it gives more power and data for municipalities to work with each other.


Since Parksen has been working with the Dutch government about the smart parking solution, the company has gained a lot of knowledge about how to make the solution better. Recently, Parksen has been informed that we have the Dutch government’s stamp of approval for our participation in the 19-Billion-Euro project—TEN-T. Which means the Dutch government looks positively about our potential to grow all over Europe.

Parksen has issued beta testing of its cloud and parking app in 2016, and we had the first round of private funding from Dutch government & investors. In less than two years, the app has already accumulated thousands of users. The result shows that our idea is not just an idea, it is a working product, and will be easily adapted worldwide.

As we gained the government’s stamp of approval, Parksen believes that it can solve both the Dutch municipalities’ parking issues as well as other countries issues and thus build a real-time universal smart parking solution.

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