How cities can fix tourism hell?

Big cities like London, Oxford, Amsterdam, Venice or Barcelona, all have one thing in common: they become tourism hell during the holiday seasons. Local people hate it, you will find anti-tourism debate both in English and Spanish on Twitter, under the hashtag #touristgohome.

Last year a backlash against high volumes of tourists exploded in Barcelona, vandals attacked an open-tour bus carrying visitors. Rental bikes used by visitors were vandalized too. Tourism is really a double-edged sword of cities. It brings dollars but also disruption.
According to the UN’s World Tourism Organization, Spain is now the world’s third most popular tourist destination. They have only 46 million residents but have a record of receiving 75.6 million tourists in 2016.

So how can cities fix tourism hell? According to TechCrunch, the answer is the smart city tech. Smart city tech enabling more “tourist-ready” cities. With the rise of smart city and Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives, many cities are equipped with tools such as connected infrastructure, lidar-sensors, high-quality broadband, and troves of data that make it easier to manage issues around congestion, infrastructure, or otherwise.

Moreover, smart city technologies can manage congestion around event venues, roads and stories. So, cities could use a variety of methods to incentivize the use of less congested space or disperse the times in which people flock to highly-trafficked locations. Cities like London and Antwerp are already working on using tourist movement tracking to manage crowds.

A number of start-ups are working with cities to use collected movement data to help reshape infrastructure to better fit the long-term needs and changing demographics of its residents. City planners can use the same technology to help effectively design street structure and allocate zoning for hotels, retailers, or other tourist-friendly attractions.

That is why Parksen would like to invite you to join the smart city scene with us. As a smart platform, we would like to help you to fix the tourism hell by helping the cities to install an easy-to-use parking app, that has a smart platform that has integrated many smart IoT devices on it. We could use the IoT devices to understand the current traffic and help tourists to park their cars better inside or around the city.

We could help the tourists to come to certain tourist spots based on the traffic situation, help them to avoid traffic jams etc. situation.

We would like to help cities all over the world to fix the tourism hell by our smart solutions. Join us for the parking revolution!

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