How can Amsterdam turn into an irresistible Smart City

When you think of Amsterdam, you will think about the canals, cannabis, or the red-light district culture. However, besides the tourist scene in the city, you probably do not know that Amsterdam is the most successful Smart City in Europe.

This is all made possible because of technology. But more precisely, it would not be possible if Amsterdam does not have a tech eco-system. Amsterdam started its Smart City initiatives by using data analytics to improve urban life, using the information to develop more integrated services and a more sustainable community 10 years ago.

Besides that, Amsterdam has opened city data since 2012, including census data, and open data help identifies and solve civic problems, ensure accountability of city officials, and create new business opportunities.

For companies, it is typically difficult to develop Smart City applications because there is a lack of good testing environment, but since in Amsterdam the data and platform are open, developers in software or in the creative sector can use the data to develop new applications and concepts.

Moreover, a city cannot be made if there is no collaboration from start-ups, big businesses, and the government. And besides the big players in the smart city space like Cisco, Philips, and IBM, Amsterdam has an environment where start-ups can get a voice and presence in the ecosystem.

Parksen is one of the most influential start-up companies that provides Smart Parking solutions in Amsterdam’s Smart City scene; the company believes that the answers of building smart cities lie mostly in building a Green, Smart, and Connected City Platform, that is powered by the Ethereum blockchain, a real-time parking app, and stakeholders who have solutions for the parking issues inside the city.

With the most advanced platform, technology and the partnerships with other big players including companies and the government, Parksen is ready to turn Amsterdam into an irresistible Smart City!

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