How autonomous vehicles might reshape our cities?

The year 2018 has been a year of autonomous vehicles; many studies have been done in the past year. According to Forbes, the latest research from the University of Toronto explores the impact of autonomous vehicles (AVs) could have in terms of the parking space that could be freed up in the cities.

The research indicates that traditionally, parking lots are designed for islands of cars that are able to pull into and out of the parking spots.

In contrast, parking lots for autonomous vehicles could be designed more like solid grids that could see outer cars moving asides to let inner cars enter and exit. The researchers developed a model that simulated the various possible layouts for an AV parking lot.

AI was used to optimize the layout for the fewest relocations and the maximum parking capacity. The well-design ones could accommodate 62% more AV cars than a conventional one.

AV+AI might be one of the best parking solutions in the future, and of course, Parksen won’t miss the opportunity to be in the scene. We have partnered with several companies that have the most advanced smart parking technology, to make sure that we are on the edge in the newest smart parking age.

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