Helsinki’s development on on-demand Boat Rides

If you are traveling in Helsinki, Finland during spring, you would probably need to take a boat. Next year, the boat trip will be very smart, because of BOUT.

BOUT is a peer to peer platform for on-demand boat rides. Its development is supported by the Last Mile Smart Mobility Program. It is one of the several pilot projects testing new mobility concepts in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Rides can be offered by watercraft owners licensed to carry passengers on a commercial basis. The service can operate between tens of pickup and drop-off points located inside of the sea areas in Helsinki.

A free iOS version of the BOUT app is already available from the App Store. They have test rides in October 2018, and be fully operational in 2019. They hope it will significantly improve access to islands and waterfronts in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Urban mobility is in a transition as a result of digitalization, new technologies, and legislative changes. Parksen would like to play an active role in the transition, particularly in Europe. Do you want to help us to expand in Europe? Join us TODAY!

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