From regional to international—the universal parking solution

Parksen, as a company, has the gene of “going global” in our DNA right from the day one we started our company.


Are you sometimes wondering why can’t we use the same parking app when we go to other countries? Sometimes even when we go to another city? Well, it has a lot to do with the tendency for regional apps as parking providers rather than a one solution fits all. We here at Parksen believe that it’s time for a universal parking app and this is what we aim to achieve.

The cloud-based solution that Parksen is using help to solve the issues that most of the parking apps nowadays have. As the name goes “parking apps”, we see that most are the only frontend oriented, while Parksen believes in a multi-layered approach using a frontend, a backend as well as smart devices like IoTs to finally bring real-time parking into fruition. Moreover, we are one of the only parking companies fully developing blockchain solutions in our systems and services.

Parksen wants to deal with the issues most of the parking apps have. As Parksen’s CEO Eddie Postma said in his last presentation, “We could open a new market and implement the solution in an hour, EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD”, that flexibility does give Parksen the ability to go international in an incredible speed. Combining it with our cutting-edge technology, the market is open for grabs if we have the necessary capital fuel to drive us.


When you fly from Amsterdam to New York you have to convert your currency to pay for parking. Instead of it, it’s much easier to just use one currency for parking worldwide. This is why as part of our crowdfunding efforts we created the PARQ token. One payment method fits all, wherever you are in the world.

Of course, the municipality will not receive PARQ tokens final processed payment but will convert them to the local currency. The same process is already being done when you pay now with Dollars or Euros in other countries. We at least save you that conversion rate with one global parking token.


In order to expand in new countries, we will spend 1 to 5 million euros in one country, depending on the size of the region. That is why we’re now trying to do the crowdfunding campaign.

Gladly, since we started the campaign in June, we have reached the soft-cap in 4 days, this is a fantastic record, which indicates that the public thinks positively about us. However, the record is not enough for now since we are going global, we still want to reach the hard-cap before the end of the ICO, which means we have to raise 19 million euros in total.

Your donation would help us to go global and apply for our one-token fits all solution EVERYWHERE in the world. Join us to make it happen!

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