Female parking space vs. female-friendly apps

Have you ever heard about female parking spaces before? It was originally designed in 1990 in Germany for women’s safety and to reduce the risk of sexual assault.

In order to make women feel safer, companies provided more lighting in the parking spaces or add surveillance systems or put the parking spots closer to the exists.


After Germany, South Korea and China also adopted the policy. In South Korea, the city government of Seoul painted 4,929 parking spaces pink so that women do not have to walk too far to their destinations. The government had a 700 million, 4-year plan to make cities more female-friendlier, this includes other ideas like adding thousands of new women-only toilets, and resurfacing city sidewalks with a soft material to ease tired feet for those wearing high heels.

In China, women’s parking spaces have been established in shopping centers in Hebei, the areas are marked in different colors and the space are wider. For example, in the Wonder Mall in Hebei, one of the three underground parking spaces is designed to women. Same as in Indonesia, some shopping malls in Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bandung, and other cities have women’s parking spaces as well.


In Europe, female parking spaces are usually placed near entrances and exits in dark parking spaces. For example, in some German states, women’s parking spaces are provided for under garage regulations, such as at least 10% of all spaces in large garage must be reserved for women.
In contrast to disabled parking spaces, women’s parking spaces are not designated in the German road traffic code, thus they are not allowed in private parking areas.

Given the fact that there are more and more women driving on the road, Parksen would like to understand our female customers more as well. We do see a lot of ladies using our app, and would like to address your needs. What do you think a female-friendly parking app? Is it necessarily or it is not? Drop us a line or two to let us know!

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