Dubai is going through a major transformation in smart car parking

Dubai is turning itself into one of the world’s best connected, smartest and happiest cities.

It began the journey in 1999 with the announcement of its first ICT strategy and was followed by the launch of Dubai Internet City, Dubai e-government, Dubai Smart Government and Smart Dubai initiative.

According to Deloitte’s research paper on National Transformation in the Middle East—A Digital Journey, Dubai government has saved approximately US$1.17 billion over the past 12 years through its development of smart services.

Dubai does not just talk the talk, it walks the walk. This is what the world can learn from the country.

The country is the first city in the world that successfully field test a new flying taxi service. In 2017, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has completed the first phase of the Smart Parking Project at Al-Rigga and the World Trade Center areas in order to provide smart services to residents.

In 2018 summer, RTA has shown statistics number that 60% of motorists are now paying parking fees through various smart payment modes including SMS and RTA mobile app. This is all because RTA has introduced many parking payment methods to ensure smooth and easy use of parking for years.

RTA’s Parking Director Osama Al Safi said, “The adoption of smart parking tickets has reached more than 60% compared to paper tickets.”

Dubai is the home to approximately 112,000 parking spaces across 69 parking zones but with anticipated 2.2 million vehicles by 2020. According to the Department of Tourism in Dubai, the smart parking industry has still not matured and is dominated by only a handful of companies. There is still much to do and Parksen leads the way.

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