Don’t be like Alec Baldwen, download Parksen!

American Actor Alec Baldwin has been arrested last week because he was allegedly punching a man on a New York City street. He was arrested Friday in Manhattan because of getting into a dispute over a parking spot with another person.

Although he denied punching the man, news went viral as he was an outspoken liberal, who has portrayed U.S. President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live.

After the arrest, ABC quietly announced that “The Alec Baldwin Show” would move from its prestigious timeslot on Sunday evenings to a less desirable Saturday night spot.

Our opinion about this event is DON’T BATTLE PEOPLE OVER A PARKING LOT. Use Parksen’s App, you could easily find another parking spot around the same area. More importantly, you will keep your show!

Parksen has a great App that would serve your needs in real-time, even in an extremely busy district in Manhattan or anywhere else, it will make you feel that there is always a parking servant around you, take care of you, and find you a parking space.

Never be too angry like Mr. Baldwin, be smart and use of the best technology in the world – Parksen! Download it here!

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