Does smart meters really make you smart?

A lot of cities are installing smarter parking meters, what is a smart parking meter? It’s a machine around the parking area for drivers to pay when they park their cars.

A few years ago, people in Santa Monica, California were talking about a smarter parking meter; the meter can reset itself, even if there’s still time left on the meter.  According to an article written by Stowe Boyd, this is part of the intelligent parking system that the city has been rolling out, which includes the ability to accept coins and credit cards, send text messages when metered time is running out, and compile information to help the city better price its parking to correspond with demand.

With all the added intelligence, the inefficiencies of the old pocket change-eating meters are beginning to fade away. This kind of smart parking spots even know when you’ve outstayed your time-sensitive welcome, and it would not allow you to put more time in the meter if you’ve been there too long. So if you park for 3 hours, it will be 3 hours. No more, no less.

Parksen believes that we have the smartest parking solution that would help us to solve the issues that this kind of old-style parking meters can’t solve, even they’re smarter than before. Parksen’s app is easy to use, and it would only count every second that you stay in the parking space. So if you stay for 2 hours and 20 minutes, it won’t count the price for the 3 hours as the traditional parking meters would do.

So why not use an easier way to pay for the parking and also save money for your wallet? Join us for the parking revolution!

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