Discussing Innovative Traffic & Environmental Solutions in China


When the Parksen delegation traveled to China for an investor meetup hosted by Jason Hung, they also visited the Xiamen Road & Bridge Information Company in Xiamen. Parksen and the Xiamen based company held a meeting to discuss the possibility of a future cooperation, and they hope to jointly promote the development of innovative technologies and provide solutions to current global traffic problems and environmental issues.

The Chinese company itself is committed to innovation in the parking management systems and toll road systems. Having introduced a card-free parking system and an annual fee system for roads and bridges, the Xiamen company won a national patent in 2008.

Ongoing Talks

We spoke to the Vice President and his team, who were mostly interested in our backend and APIs, about regulating the flow of traffic in inner cities by getting drivers straight to a parking spot. They were also very interested in using IoT to measure the busiest moments for parking garages. We hope that when we go back to China to sign an agreement in Xiamen, our cooperation with IOTA will allow us to start testing a wide variety of ioT devices as soon as possible.

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Parksen Marketing & Communication Manager Wilhelm Roth had the following to say: “I was encouraged by the enthusiasm shown by the company to add an essential layer of trust between cities and citizens. With a mass deployment of IoT devices in China, the opportunities for both cities and citizens to improve their transportation and parking will come very soon. I would like to thank Jason Hung for putting us in touch with this interesting company.”

At the end of the meeting, Parksen and the public-private partnership company exchanged base-level technical information. Since then, we have been engaged in ongoing talks to explore the best way for a cooperation between the two parties. Through the Xiamen company, Parksen has a chance of rolling out their platform in over 60 Chinese cities.

We are looking forward to further exploring the opportunities that lay ahead for Parksen and the Xiamen Road & Bridge Information Company! Stay tuned for future updates.


Jan Heemskerk
Content Manager at Parksen

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