Discover the new PARQ Wallet

Listening to your feedback, we improved the way you can buy and send your PARQ tokens. With the new PARQ wallet, you will be able to purchase your PARQ with Bitcoin, Ethereum, a regular bank transfer, your credit card or even Paypal, keep a live overview of your transactions and add any discount coupon before your purchase.

An Overview

After logging in with your username and password, this is how the wallet looks like

Here you can see your balance live and any previous transactions. To keep a broad insight, you can also check the Market price for PARQ, Ethereum and Bitcoin.
With the aim of making your lives easier, we integrated two buttons: “BUY TOKENS” and “SEND TOKENS”

Buy Tokens

When you click on “Buy tokens” you will be able to choose which payment mean to use for your PARQ purchase: PayPal or Credit card, Bitcoin, Ethereum or Bank Wire.

Credit Card or PayPal

Tapping on “WITH PAYPAL OR CC” you can choose the amount of PARQ you wish to purchase (starting by 10 USD) and do it via your PayPal account or a Credit or Debit Card (We accept Mastercard, VISA and American Express)

Buy With Bitcoin

If you go for Bitcoin, the wallet will show our Bitcoin address you can send your BTC to, and a QR code you can scan with your Bitcoin trading app. You can also check your previous BTC transactions for a better control

Buy With Ethereum

Tapping on “WITH ETHEREUM” you can follow the same process if your mean of payment is going to be ETH. You can also scan our QR code with your favourite Ethereum trading app.

Buy By Bank Transfer

If you prefer to purchase your PARQ with a bank wire, you can send the money to our bank account, and we will automatically send the tokens to your account.

Sending your PARQ

If you wish to send your PARQ to an ERC20 Wallet, you can also do it from here. Just tap on “SEND TOKENS”, enter an ERC20 Wallet, and magic will happen!

Easy, right? If you have any questions, don’t forget to join our Telegram Channel or poke us in any of our social channels, like Twitter or Facebook


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