Discover the new PARQ Wallet!

When you are using Parksen’s parking app, you could actually use the PARQ wallet to pay for the parking fee. With the wallet, you could purchase your PARQ token with Bitcoin, Ethereum, regular bank transfer, credit card or even Paypal. How convenient it is!

Parksen will allow PARQ wallet to operate and sync with our app. We believe a smart parking system can’t be completed without a payment mechanism. With PARQ wallet, we would help our users to solve 3 things:

1. Pay the parking fee efficiently: With PARQ wallet, you could park easily without using the traditional parking method. You do not need to go to a huge machine to figure out how to get a ticket, or waiting for the machine to give you tickets when you check-in or out of the parking lot.

Just pay by PARQ token, it will save you a lot of energy and time!

2. Pay the parking fee with the most advanced tech: You could also send your token to an ERC20 Wallet, ERC20 is a technical standard used for smart contracts on the Etherum blockchain for implementing tokens. Parksen’s token is compatible to the ERC20 wallet, which shows we have compatible technologies to the most updated ones in the market.

Pay by PARQ token, we make sure you are using the most advanced technology!

3. Pay the parking fee with just one simple click: The design of the PARQ wallet and Parksen app is very simple. Just one click away, you are done with the parking bills. No need to worry about where to pay, and if having enough coins for it etc., PARQ wallet is just so easy to use!

Pay by PARQ token, we give you the easiest and cheapest solution paying for parking!

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